Xiaomi Partners With Light to Bring ‘DSLR-Level' Imaging to Its Phones

Lighting is an imaging technology firm that has been recently in news on its participation from the penta-lens camera set up on the Nokia 9 PureView. Light has said that Xiaomi will be incorporating the organization’s computational imaging technologies in its own smartphones and the customers can anticipate multi-camera tablets from Xiaomi using”DSLR-level capacities” No details about any Xiaomi apparatus with mild technology are known now.

“Xiaomi is among the most advanced smartphone device makers with an amazing pedigree, and we are eager to go into this partnership together,” said Dave Grannan, CEO and co-founder, Light in an announcement. “Light’s computational power is forever altering the way our apparatus see the Earth, and we look forward to employing our pioneering multi-camera technologies and enabling their apparatus together with the imaging services of their future”

Lighting is an American firm that was set back in 2013. Light L16 comprised 16 miniature cameras in one streamlined device. In accordance with the business site, Light will help smartphone makers deliver”DSLR-level picture quality” for their telephones.

“Light’s camera selection is similar to anything available on the current market, shooting an unprecedented number of information in a scene and also much more info about each pixel. Smartphone detectors are usually restricted by size and the quantity of light they could catch.

Since the official media release announcing that the Light-Xiaomi venture was light on information, we do not know precisely what type of smartphone innovation we could anticipate from both companies. Hopefully, Xiaomi will discuss something concrete within the forthcoming months.


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