Windows 10 October 2018 Update Now Rolling Out Automatically to All Users in Phases

The update, also known as Windows 10 1809, was available for some time to users who explicitly opted to download and install it, knowing the dangers. Now, Microsoft seems to have decided that it is stable enough for all users to receive automatically. The rollout will happen in stages, and is anticipated to progress gradually, most likely so that any lingering difficulties could be addressed as they develop.

Users reported that their entire Documents and Pictures , full of data, had disappeared. It later surfaced that this bug had been identified and reported by members of Microsoft’s Insider beta evaluation programme but nothing was done about it before the general public launch.

Users also encountered another bug that affected ZIP files were handled. It had been possible for users to think they had been copying and copying the contents of ZIP files (that Windows represents as normal folders), but information would not actually be moved, leading to documents not being where they were needed. The operations would appear to be running as normal, leaving consumers unaware of the information loss. Sometimes, documents that were moved rather than copied would vanish from the origin place but also not materialise from the intended destination.

Following that, Microsoft claimed to have fixed the bugs, and allowed a few users to obtain the update, while it collected telemetry to identify more potential troubles. The upgrade was available for download manually since mid-December 2018, however with several cubes in place that will prevent it from being installed on PCs with possible hardware of software conflicts, including older AMD graphics cards and versions of the iCloud syncing usefulness .

Today, all users will be able to download the October 2018 Update manually, and a small number will see the usual alerts an automatic upgrade is available. The upgrades will slowly reach an increasing number of people during the upcoming few months and months. Given Microsoft’s recent history, we would strongly advise all customers who consider installing the upgrade to have back up all their important data thoroughly before proceeding.


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