WhatsApp for Android Update Brings Revamped Settings Section, Network Usage Info

The redesigned’Settings’ menu design and another changes will allegedly soon be accessible to all WhatsApp users Android through an upgrade that could be rolled out via the secure Google Play station.

The design of Network usage data after beta upgrade (L) vs secure variant (R)

We have our hands WhatsApp’s newest beta upgrade and compared the modifications introduced by it using the latest stable build (v2.19.34) of this program on Android. These screenshots show a difference, highlighting the movement of particular tools, new icons and how data is displayed on the monitor. The first obvious change is the inclusion of a’Payments’ choice on the primary’Settings’ page that reveals a record of payments and details of their linked bank accounts.

Launch the’Accounts’ section shows that every choice currently has a dedicated pub, while the steady construct lacks iconography from the sub-sections. Moreover, tapping ‘Security’,”Change amount’, and’Two-step confirmation’ shows they also have gained redesigned icons also. The design of all choices in the’Notifications’ segment stays the same however. Each of the resources in the’Help’ section also have been upgraded with committed icons.

A sample of this redesigned icon following the upgrade (L) vs the icon layout in the secure version (R)

Moving to the’Info and storage use’, an individual can now observe the net number of information sent and received under the’Network Usage’ text along with the memory utilization status under’Storage’. This info interface has been scattered on the messenger program’s stable edition. Moreover, tapping the’Network use’ option shows a very different design, with every parameter for example media, calls, and messages comprising an icon of their own, whereas the storage amounts are displayed on the right.

The Settings page includes a’Payments’ alternative in the beta build (L) versus the design on the secure program (R)

Additionally, the’Network Usage’ page today shows the memory usage status together with details like time and date, in addition to the whole quantity of information sent and received from consumers. With the exclusion of’Upgrades’, it looks like the changes brought from the beta upgrade are largely functional in character and were seen from WABetaInfo. The beta watcher also asserts the aforesaid tweaks will soon be rolled out through the secure station shortly but a launch date is yet to be shown.


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