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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced a new Internet application to make the Station selection Procedure for DTH and cable users Simpler.

The program takes you through different measures, then curates a listing of stations according to your preference choice. You are able to pick the stations of your choice, and also understand your monthly lease by means of this program. As announced before, January 31 is the final date for migrating into some new DTH or cable bundle according to TRAI’s rules.

This fresh Channel Selector Program will help users pick on the best channels for those who package their funding readily. It’s intended to help customers make an educated choice. To use this program, head . TRAI asks your name, your state of residence, your own music genre taste, and then reveals a list of stations based on your own preference. Users may then choose the channels they need in their own monthly program, and leave out those they don’t watch.

After that you can view your rental number details by selecting the’View Selection’ button towards the top of the webpage. This page shows you that the split of free station and compensated stations, the entire amount you’re spending for the paid stations, GST taxation, as well as the community capability charges (NFC) payable into the DTH supplier. The whole monthly MRP is subsequently shown at the base, together with the listing of stations selected by the consumer, and also the list of free channels which are compulsory.

TRAI’s Channel Selector Program helps customers pick on the best channels for those who package their funding

You are able to customise your filter according to your requirements easily. This program is truly valuable for people who are discovering it easy to change to the new frame imposed by TRAI. There is also an Optimise button on the View Selection page which provides you a less expensive package, curated from TRAI, depending on the choices made by the user.

Aside from that, users may check details to your new system on the customer information channel on station #999 or the various company site. The customers may go to the site or the official program of their various DTH or cable operator to learn more about the new packages and to choose their new packages utilizing the operator’s internet tools.

On the other hand, the bureau afterwards extended the date of migration into the new frame to January 31. It recently explained that customers have the choice to select channels on a-la-carte foundation for the foundation bunch of 100 SD stations. According to the regulator, the customers can choose free-to-air stations, pay stations, bouquet of pay stations or any combination thereof for the bottom package. The bottom pack with no paid stations will cost only Rs. 130 (Rs. 153.40 after taxation ). If a customer adds any paid stations, they might need to pay the purchase price of that station.


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