Beginner or professional photographer, your camera is of course your most important piece of equipment. If you are just starting out you want a camera that is easy enough to use and loaded with enough features to get a bit more creative with your shots as you gain experience. The Canon A1100 Powershot fits the bill perfectly. Do not let the low price point fool you, either. When you purchase a Canon A1100 Powershot, you get a lot of camera for the price.

At first glance, the Canon A1100 Powershot might scare some new users away because it has so many advanced capabilities. It is actually all of the features that make this camera absolutely perfect for a beginner. This really is the best camera for someone who is just starting out with digital photography. Below are a few features that I think really stand out.
Auto Mode – If you have never purchased a digital camera before, this is the setting you should start with. There are a lot of different settings on the Canon A1100 Powershot. The Auto mode on this camera does the heavy lifting and makes all of your hard choices (i.e. lighting, lens speed, etc.) for you. You will get a perfect photo with every click of your shutter.
Software – The software that comes with your Canon A1100 Powershot is easy to upload and install. It is even easier to use. Your pictures are downloaded directly from the camera or memory chip; as far as organizing your photos, you can setup your filing system any way you choose. The software is intuitive enough to recognize pictures that are already on your hard drive and will not transfer them a second time.
Batteries – The fact that the Canon A1100 Powershot can use rechargeable batteries was a buying point for me. I am always looking for ways to preserve the environment and using rechargeable batteries certainly helps. What I really like about rechargables is that my camera never runs out of battery juice. If the batteries die, I simply replace them and keep on shooting.


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