Tesla to Stop Selling Model S, Model X Cars With 75kWH Batteries From January 14

Tesla will stop selling the lowest-range variations of its Model S sedans and Model X SUVs from Monday, the electrical automobile manufacturer’s CEO Elon Musk said.

“Beginning on Monday, Tesla will no longer be accepting orders to the 75 kWh edition of the Model S & X,” Musk shown in a tweet on Wednesday, while requesting people interested in buying those vehicles to put their orders latest by Sunday.

Higher-end versions of the X and S, equipped with a 100 kWh battery, will nevertheless be made and sold by Tesla, but at a higher price, CNBC reported, including that Tesla did not respond to inquires as to why the S and X offerings were pared back.

The cost for a new Model S will start at $94,000 (approximately Rs. 66.2 lakhs) along with also the starting price for a Model X will be $97,000 (approximately Rs. 68.3 lakhs) from next week, according to Musk’s tweet-announcement.

The Model S and X are Tesla’s second and third major lines of electrical vehicles, and are higher-priced lines compared to the newest Model 3, ” the report said.

Tesla is taking steps to start Model 3 generation in China.

Before this week, Musk laid the foundation of a Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai – the first-ever out the US — which is expected to create 500,000 electrical vehicles per year and double the production capacity of Tesla

“Aiming to finish first construction this summer, start Model 3 generation end of year & reach high volume production next season,” Musk had tweeted,” including “Shanghai Giga production of Model 3/Y will function greater China region”.


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