TCL May Be Working on a Foldable Smartphone That Bends Into a Smartwatch, and 4 Other Foldable Devices

Though some businesses have already shown their foldable smartphone prototypes, many others are put to show their foldable phones at Mobile World Congress (MWC) following week. Though the concept of a foldable smartphone is not brand new, so far not one of the significant smartphone makers has managed to send something that only works. TCL is the most recent firm to join with the growing tendency of foldable tablets.

TCL is operating on a household of foldable smart phones, reports CNET, citing business patents and leaves. TCL assembles smartphones beneath BlackBerry Mobile and Alcatel manufacturers, aside from its own manufacturer.

The business is thought to be working on five new foldable apparatus. These include two tablets, two pills, and also a flexible cellphone that could bend and shape a smartwatch. These devices will feature adjustable displays.

This is comparable to a notion Lenovo had revealed off back in 2016. The devices are expected to maintain production, but a company representative told CNET that TCL intends to launch its initial foldable device annually.

There are just two smartphone versions that are predicted to bend just like conventional flip phones. CNET’s report is mostly dependent on the organization’s patent images and leaves, and consequently reveals nothing important just like specifications or the way these devices might actually get the job done.

Foldable smartphones will be the smartphone business’s hot new concept to get people excited all over again. Samsung and Xiaomi have teased their very own variant of foldable tablets while Apple has registered a patent for that which seems like a touchscreen. Intel can also be anticipated to be operating on a 3-display foldable telephone whilst Huawei, Nubia, and Energizer are likely to show their foldable phones in MWC 2019 following week.


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