The Sony SLT-A35 was rated one of 2012’s best entry level Digital SLR cameras. This camera is one of Sony’s Single Lens Translucent (SLT) designs. This lens transmits 66.66% of the light to the CMOS sensor and 33.33 per cent of it to a tiny electronic display built into the camera’s roof. This model incorporates almost all the features of the original A33 and A55, but includes an improved 16.2MP EXMOR APS-C CMOS sensor and handful of extra processing options. The chip has been redesigned to improve power consumption, and improved thermal performance. The camera has an aerodynamic look to it with smooth edges.

Sony’s new sensor offers sharply-detailed, low-noise still and HD video images. The camera’s powerful processor optimizes image data, insuring sharp, crisp images with rich, natural color reproduction. A maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800 and extension to ISO 25600 allows natural still images and HD video in low light.
Sony has successfully offered live view without compromising their fast autofocus system. The SLT has an electronic viewfinder, it doesn’t have a movable mirror to direct light up to the viewfinder. Instead, it uses a fixed, semi-transparent mirror to provide light to the focusing sensor, allowing light through to the imaging sensor. This is an automatic live view camera that gives fast autofocus, and the actions of the camera are the same whether you’re using the eye-level viewfinder or the rear screen for viewing. When you move your eye from the large LCD at the camera’s rear to the eye level viewfinder you view the action via the smaller LCD. What you get is full time live view. This is a small, relatively inexpensive beginner’s camera and one of the favorites in its class.

1080i 60 video and

4x magnification at 7 frames per second

4MP (a 1.4x crop from the middle of the sensor that Sony is calling Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting).

‘Picture Effects’ processing filters

APS HD CMOS sensor

user-friendly interface

Translucent Mirror Technology

on-screen Help Guide

Customizable top-mounted button for 14 included functions

Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting

continuous tracking autofocus

5 frames per second drive mode

continuous shooting 5.5 frames per second

ISO 12800 and expandable to ISO 25600

Full HD AVCHD video

3D Sweep Panorama

5 inch screen

4912,�3264 pixel maximum image size
The LCD Screen and Its Options
The LCD screen has a gel coating that sits in between the LCD and the glass. It eliminates the traditional air gap making images clearer and the screen more durable. It includes an on-screen Help Guide which gives a clear explanation of selected functions and how they’re used.
There are 6 options available in shooting mode: standard, vivid, portrait, landscape, sunset and black & white. Within these settings, you can also manipulate the contrast, saturation and sharpness.
While shooting pictures, general shooting information is displayed across the top of the screen such as shooting mode, file type, pictures left and battery power which is shown as a percentage. In the bottom right corner are the picture styles.
The LCD screen status is quite useful, showing your chosen exposure mode (P, A, S, M), battery charge, image quality and a graphic display of lens aperture and shutter speed.There is also a bunch of scene modes – portrait, sports, macro, and more. In this section is found a bunch of Partial Color effects, which lets you isolate and record a single color, with the remainder of the scene picked out in monochrome. There is a Picture Effect setting that can be previewed on the LCD screen, giving you a preview of the effect. This includes ‘artistic’ treatments such as Posterisation, Pop Color, Retro effect, etc.
Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting magnifies the center portion of the image area providing an effective 1.4x magnification while shooting up to 7 frames per second. Tele-zoom reduces the resolution to 8.4 megapixels and sets the compression rate to medium. Providing continuous tracking autofocus of still or moving objects, this feature is ideal for capturing fast-moving sports, children’s expressions at just the right moment, your children swinging, running, or just being kids, or for capturing distant subjects with a high-speed burst of frames. It offers a drive mode, up to 5.5 frames per second with full-resolution continuous shooting with tracking autofocus.
In the Playback Menu, there’s a provision to make a slideshow, adjust the image index and specify pictures for printing, deleting pictures or protecting them.
The sweep panorama feature can account for 3D panos up to 4912,�1080 pixels or ‘flat’ panos up to 8192,�1856 pixels.
The 35 can use any of the A-mount interchangeable lenses Sony makes as well as six Carl Zeiss lenses and the earlier Konica/Minolta AF glass lens.
Sony SLT-A35is a compelling choice for experienced photographers and beginners. More advanced photographers will enjoy the top panel-mounted button that is customizable. This button allows instant recall of any of the 14 frequently-used functions according to their preference. The beginner photographers will love this camera for its ease of use and professional looking images.


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