Samsung ‘DeX Live’ Patent Pops Up on European Trademark Site, Could Launch Alongside Galaxy Note 10

We’ve heard a lot of rumours Concerning the Samsung Galaxy Notice 10, but what about potential accessories that could also be announced alongside the Smart Phone?

According to a latest patent filing on the European trademark website, we might observe a revamped version of Samsung DeX, which is that the company’s gadget with assists extend the port of your Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series smartphone, onto a monitor. The signature filing is for’Dex Live,’ which hints at the fact that the company might finally introduce a wireless version, which doesn’t involve plugging your telephone into a dock or a dongle.

The trademark application was seen by Dutch website Galaxyclub, which found the patent program on the European Union Intellectual Property Office web site. The signature is tagged’Dex Live’ and for the description, it states it is an”application software, specifically, for projecting the screen of mobile apparatus to screens through computer peripheral devices and wireless networks” This strongly hints that Samsung might be getting rid of this hardware dongle it introduced with the Galaxy Note 9 (Inspection ) entirely, in favour of a pure software-based DeX encounter. It is unclear if the upcoming Galaxy Notice 10 would have special hardware to help alleviate this. If not, then we should expect the Galaxy S10series to receive the support also, via an upgrade.

Now,’Dex Live’ could typically mean anything, especially since there is no mention of Samsunganyplace in the filing.

Taking into consideration the trademark application has been filed and we have many of months to go before the Galaxy Note 10 has been unveiled, there is a really strong possibility that we might see this brand new model of DeX around October.


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