Image result for 'Sacked Without Notice', Workers Go on Rampage at Phone-Making Unit in NoidaApproximately 1,200 employees of the Hipad Technology India, making Xiaomi and Oppo telephones, went on a rampage throwing stones in the building and barging to the facility in Sector 63, they said.

However, the firm had no official answer till the time the report was filed.

Police force was set up at the website even as senior officers, such as Superintendent of Police, Noida City, Sudha Singh, reached there to assess the situation.

Singh said police were alarmed regarding the violence breaking out in the mill, under Stage 3 police station limits, around 10am and instantly reached the spot.

“We got to know that several employees had resorted to violence after they were’sacked’ by their office without any notice,” she explained.

Singh said no formal complaint was lodged by the company till the afternoon, even as authorities were probing the truth.

However, a police official, who did not want to be named, stated three to four people have been picked up for questioning over their alleged involvement in the violence.

A source of this firm said they’d intimidated the seller — workers’ builder — in advance about the changes.

“Also, it’s clearly mentioned in the stipulations of the contract that the company may lessen the amount of employees without notice,” the source said.

The Labour Department officials who reached the device at the day said it appeared to be an instance of”miscommunication” on the company’s part.

“Because of shortage of raw material, the company had asked the sellers to tell these people to not come for work from Monday. Nevertheless, they continued to return to office and also the management today barred them from hitting in (biometric entrance ).

“The vendor had maybe not informed the employees that is why they kept coming to function which apparently led to this misunderstanding. The office asked them to leave the premises and the workers said they weren’t educated about the decision and were being sacked that is why they resorted to violence,” Assistant Labour Commissioner Harish Chandra Singh told PTI.

The sellers were not available at the site for clarification about the issue, Singh added.

He explained the company claimed that it has engaged a nearby business where it wanted to train these employees, but because of power-related problems that could not occur immediately.

“The company said they didn’t directly inform the workers about the training programme but told this to the seller,” Singh explained.

Meanwhile, a personal security guard at the unit clarified that the morning shift employees had arrived at 8am for work and over two hours the rampage had started.

“They went inside and usually by 8.30am they set to operate on the assembly line. But more than a million workers had gathered outside the main building around 9.45am and insanity ensued,” the guard said.

He also claimed that following the violence several employees fled the building with several mobile phones and other gadgets from the construction.


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