Realme 2 Pro, Realme 2, Realme C1 Start Receiving Software Update With March Android Security Patch

Realme has Begun rolling out new ColorOS updates for Realme 2 Guru, Realme 2, and Realme C1 smartphones.

The software updates are now live over-the-air (OTA) and will hit all Realme two Guru, Realme two, and Realme C1 devices over the next few days. According to the business, the new ColorOS upgrade primarily brings the March Android safety patch to the smartphones. All 3 software updates are live in India and Indonesia markets. Realme has also printed the upgrade files on the company website for manual installation.

Realme declared the coming of the new software updates on its website. According to the company, the Realme 2 Pro update carries the applications build number RMX1801EX_11. A.17_0170_201903151409 and just contains the March Android safety patch for the smartphone. The business also hinted that the ColorOS 6 update will shortly be bringing quite a few new features to the phone. One of our team members’ units has obtained the upgrade, and you can view screenshots below.

Realme 2 Pro software update is currently live indefinitely (OTA)

The Realme two upgrade carries the build number RMX1805EX_11. A.25_0250_201903192122 and comprises not just the March Android security limitation, but likewise the Expert fingerprint and mode shooting for the camera app. The mic shooting enables the consumers to tap on the fingerprint sensor to click on a picture when from the camera program. Lastly, the Realme C1 upgrade’s build number exactly the same as the Realme 2 update and the telephone will be receiving exactly the same changes except the fingerprint shooting manner.

Among other Realme mobiles, Realme U1 has already obtained that the March security update. The Realme 1 and Realme 3 are the sole phones left to get this month’s security update.

To remember, Realme, a spin-off of Oppo, had launched the Realme 2 Guru and Realme C1 tablets in India in September last year, whereas the Realme Two came in the country at August 2018.


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