Quick Answer: How Can I Listen To Heart Extra Christmas?

Where has heart Extra gone?

A Global spokesperson said: “Smooth Extra and Heart Extra have been replaced with the national Smooth and Heart broadcast..

How do you retune a DAB radio?

Press the auto tune or auto scan button on your DAB digital radio or go into the menu and press auto tune. If you need help retuning, you can find further details here. And don’t forget to check all the stations that are available at your postcode by using the station finder on the right hand corner.

Can you get heart Xmas on FM radio?

Christmas really has come early at Heart FM radio – two months early in fact. … With just over 60 days to go until the big day, Heart’s Xmas tunes will be available to listen to whatever hour of the day and night you choose, on DAB Digital Radio and Global Player.

Why are Christmas songs depressing?

So if you’re wondering why Christmas music makes you sad, there’s actually a reason for it, and it’s incredibly depressing. … Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist in the UK, told Sky News that listening to too much Christmas music too early on can trigger stress lingering around your pre-holiday to-do list.

Does listening to Christmas music cause depression?

The holiday tunes are fine, but experts say listening to too much Christmas music or hearing it too early can cause anxiety and depression.

What FM station is heart?

Launch. Heart began broadcasting in the West Midlands on 6 September 1994 as 100.7 Heart FM, becoming the UK’s third Independent Regional Radio station, five days after Century Radio in North East England, and Jazz FM North West. The first song to be played on 100.7 Heart FM was Something Got Me Started by Simply Red.

Is Heart Xmas on DAB?

Now available on Global Player and on DAB in some areas, it’s Heart Xmas! … From classics that get you misty-eyed, to more recent and upbeat Christmas songs, yule be immersed in the best music for this very special season.

Is Heart Extra the same as heart?

Heart UK (formerly Heart Extra) is a national digital radio station owned and operated by Global as a spin-off from Heart, and broadcast from studios at Leicester Square in London. On 2 February 2016, Global announced that the station would launch as Heart extra on national DAB on 29 February.

What frequency is Halloween FM?

105.2 FMHalloween FM is Ireland based radio station. Halloween FM is broadcasting frequency is 105.2 FM. Halloween FM is live at HalloweenFM.com. We’re Your Music Monster for Halloween.

Is there a Christmas DAB radio station?

Heart extra Xmas and Magic Christmas are available on DAB nationwide. … In addition, Wireless spin-off stations Signal Christmas, Wave Christmas and Pulse Christmas returned on DAB, along with new online Christmas services for Peak FM, Radio Wave, Signal 107, Wish FM, Wire FM, Tower FM and U105 from November 16th.

How can I listen to Heart FM?

You can listen online to Heart using your web browser to launch our online radio player, and tune in to our programmes as they go out live on air. Listening to your favourite radio station online couldn’t be easier. Listen now by clicking on the Listen Live button at the top of the page.

Is Heart Radio on DAB?

Do you listen to Heart on DAB Digital Radio? We have now improved our service across the North West. This means, to keep listening to Heart on DAB Digital Radio you’ll now need to rescan your digital radio. If you listen on FM or online you won’t be affected.

What frequency is Christmas FM UK?

FM FrequenciesLOCATIONFREQUENCYCork City, Part County106.7 FMCork North, Part County87.7 FMDublin City & County105.2 FMGalway City, Part County87.9 FM14 more rows

Why do I cry every Christmas?

Studies have found that the highest rate of depression is around Christmas and New Eve because that is the time when people get together, celebrate and are supposed to feel good but since a depressed person can’t feel joy and doesn’t have the energy to be social, it is very normal that the person will feel even more …

Is Christmas sad?

The stress of the holidays triggers sadness and depression for many people. This time of year is especially difficult because there’s an expectation of feeling merry and generous. There’re a host of things that add to stress and difficult emotions during the holidays. …

How do I listen to Smooth FM?

Other ways to listen to Smooth Radio:Smooth Radio on DAB Radio.Smooth Radio on FM or AM.Smooth Radio on mobile app.Smooth Radio on smart speakers and devices.Smooth Radio on TV.

What channel is Xmas FM 2019?

The station also broadcasts in Kildare on 88.1FM, Sligo on 95FM, Kilkenny on 104.3FM Letterkenny on 105.7Fm, Tralee / Killarney on 105FM, Wicklow North on 99.5FM, Wicklow South on 106.6FM, and Ennis/Clare on 105.2FM.

Has Christmas FM started?

FM broadcast start and end dates We’re broadcasting online all year round. FM broadcast dates for 2020 are from 12pm on November 28th to December 27th.

What station is Magic Xmas?

Magic Christmas is here! Tune into Magic Radio online, on the radio 105.4 FM and on DAB.

What frequency is heart Extra Xmas?

If you can tune in and hear talkSPORT, Capital Xtra and LBC, you’ll definitely be able to hear Heart Extra Xmas as they all broadcast on the same DAB frequency – and are all carried on the same channel: channel 11D in England & Wales; channel 12A in Scotland; channel 11D in Northern Ireland.