Oppo ColorOS 6.0 With Revamped 'Borderless' UI, Machine Learning Capabilities, and More LaunchedThroughout the event, the business announced the newest variant of this OS – ColorOS 6.0. In accordance with Oppo, ColorOS has experienced 13 big updates until today. It maintained that the OS has 250 million consumers in 140 countries and areas. The cellular manufacturer also emphasized the capacity of ColorOS, the firm’s custom Android ROM, to provide improved experiences for its own users. Especially, Oppo’s ColorOS 6.0 will create is official introduction in 2019. On the other hand, the business has details the important features of the upcoming version.
The new OS includes a lot of both White and gradient backgrounds to produce the user interface look easier and much more spacious. The font includes much more contemporary, casual, and more bizarre strokes, ITHome accounts .

What’s more, the newest ColorOS variant features machine learning capacities. It basically freezes programs in the background, instead of shutting them. The AI-based feature diagnoses user’s your program action to perform that. This allegedly reduces energy consumption by 7 per cent. Oppo also particulars smoother,”slower” animations which it asserts are more comfy.

In a different report, ITHome claims that Oppo has also introduced a’match function’ into the ColorOS 6.0. The feature basically includes customised audio templates to get another gaming experience.

As previously mentioned, Oppo will formally launch ColorOS 6.0 next calendar year. As of this moment, the business hasn’t provided the complete changelog of the upcoming OS and we hope to acquire additional information within another few months. Oppo hasn’t shared with the record of supported smartphones too.


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