Netflix F1 Docu-Series ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Announced, Gets March Release Date

Netflix and Formula 1’ve announced a 10-part docu-series called Formula 1: Drive to Survive, by the Oscar-winning Manufacturer of Senna and Amy — British producer James Gay-Rees — which will provide”Intimate and Exclusive access to the Best racing Contest in the world.

The show will show the real story of the sport — not only focusing on the struggle to be number one but give fans a real insight into the private lives of their personalities on and off the track.” It chronicles the 2018 period of the Formula One World Championship, starting in Australia and going through Bahrain, Canada, Austria, Singapore, the US and Brazil, before finishing at the UAE.

Box to Box Films is the production company on Formula 1: Drive to Survive, together with Paul Martin — who has also produced several football documentaries centred on Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, and Steven Gerrard, at Ronaldo (2015), Maradona (2018), and also Make Us Fantasy (2018), respectively — functioning as executive producer alongside Gay-Rees. Sophie Todd, who’s worked on many docu-series for British networks BBC and Channel 4, is the showrunner.

From the announcement, Netflix adds that Formula 1: Drive to Survive will take a look at the”enormous revolution” the game is undergoing because the Liberty Media takeover at January 2017, with an emphasis on’sustainability’ and’passion’. The show claims to have”unprecedented access into the top drivers, principals and owners”.

“Netflix was an ideal platform on which to tell the inside story of this unbelievable sport,” Martin said in a prepared statement. “F1 has long been a world of vibrant characters and super-sized egos, excitement and play, tragedy and success but until now that world has been largely hidden and secretive from fans. Formula 1: Drive takes the viewers right into the heart of the world and shows what it’s like to live, work and race over the planet’s fastest sport.”

“As we go to a brand new generation of Formula 1, we are thrilled to announce our newest docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive,” Ian Holmes, Formula One’s manager of press rights stated. “This unique series embodies the sport and assists us to showcase and unearth the untold stories on and off the trail. Partnering with Netflix to create an original show puts us at the forefront of getting a media and entertainment brand and bringing new fans to the game.”


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