The good work started by the likes of the 3 Mobile network service provider is being carried forward to the next level by the network service providers and the policy makers and others who have directly or indirectly to do something with the growth of the mobile broadband services. Thankfully, there have been several positive developments on the front in recent times from all of these parties concerned. Parallelly, there has been a virtual mushrooming of mobile broadband web portals who make it a point to provide you all kinds of information starting with the product details to price comparisons to other related development on the field.

A continent wide mobile satellite service is scheduled to be launched some time in May 2011. This will be done under the provisions of the European Commisssion. But UK has to get the necessary mobile broadband services related law to render itself in a position to comply with the EC requirements and do its share of the work load to get this satellite mission a resounding success.
While there is substantial amount of work pending, there is also quite a bit of happy news happening as well. For instance, Of come is all set to unleash and release to the utter delight of users and the service providers, the 2010 Mhz mobile broadband spectrum pretty soon.
The present situation that is crying for more and still more mobile data broadband spectrum can see a sea change with things vastly improving if the new technology being engendered by Alcatel-Lucent proves to be a success. This technology seems to shrink conventional base station into a cube that is similar to a golf ball in size. This when accomplished is certain to open up substantial space for mobile data all across the UK.Keeping pace with all this development are the mobile broadband deals offered by the various network service providers operating in the UK.


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