One may find a range of watches of different types those are available in the market. The entire watch market is full packed with a range of popular and renowned brands offering watches from cheap to very costly ones. You will also find a range of cheap brands offering the replicas of the most renowned and costly type.

With the continuous improvement in the technologies since years made them more feasible and comfortable so that they can be wear on the wrist. The modern types are manufactured depending upon the cutting edge technologies considering the modern day parameters.
The first form of watch was a pocket type. It gained the popularity with the development of rail and road boosting the watch industry to grow rapidly. They were then used as the pieces of jewelry. These were generally owned by the rich or royal family members or by the members of the renowned families of the society. At that time, it was more like a style symbol and used as fashion accessory.
If you are planning to purchase a wrist watch for yourself, you should have at least basic knowledge of several types of watches along with the rates and features. They are basically differentiated as the ladies and gents wrist watches and then they are further classified depending upon various technologies employed in it. Depending on these technologies they are further classified as Analog and Digital watches.
Analog watches: conventionally the watches are meant to show time in analogue form. These types of watches consist of a rotating hour and a minute hand with a numbered dial upon. Most of the watches also features third hand which indicates the current second for the minute. These are very particle and the most fashionable means of telling the time.
The watches which are powered by quartz generally exhibits second hand which snaps every second hand to the next minute marker. Whereas the mechanical movement powered types have “sweep second hand”.
These are generally designed for left hand as it indicates the stem on the right side of the watch. This makes it quite easy for the owner to change the time without taking it from the hand for the person who is right handed and the watch is on left side. But for the left handed person who is wearing the watch on right wrist, he has to remove the watch and the reset the time or wind the dial.
Digital Watches – these are one of the most extraordinary type watches which are meant for giving accurate time. These are equipped with many advance features such as calculator, thermometer, compass and GPS system for determining exact location.
The very first digital mechanical watch was invented during nineteenth century which exhibits a Pulsar LED prototype and was developed by Hamilton Watch Company. These digital LED types were quite costly and was like a dream for the common people. The entrance of Texas Instruments into mass production of LED inside the plastic case changed the scenario and a common man could also seek to owe them.
The digital watches would be quite costly and the cost raise with the features they exhibit. Most of the digital watches exhibiting advance features are much costly and after proper consideration they should be selected.


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