Two weeks ago my friends and I departed on a long car ride across the country to see a musical concert. Before leaving, we all made our own list of things that we wanted to bring along. When we got together to talk about what we were bringing, I was surprised that nobody else had listed surround sound wireless headphones.

When you stop and think about what it’s like to get two people to agree on something, let alone four, it becomes apparent that there’s bound to be a lot of conflict over what kind of music to play on the radio while we’re traveling. The perfect solution is for each of us to have a set of headphones through which we can listen to whatever we want. Whoever happens to be driving won’t be able to listen to anything because there is a serious need to be focused on traffic and the road. Fair enough — but to keep the peace amongst the rest of us, we each need a way to listen to whatever we want.
The good news is that many online electronics stores carry surround sound wireless headphones. Given we still had time before leaving on our trip, I was able to persuade everyone else to buy headphones for themselves. If you want to keep the peace on a train, plane, or car… invest in a pair of surround sound headphones. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite music or talk radio show without disturbing the people who are seated around you. Headphones are a really good investment, especially if you do a lot of traveling with other people.
I’m really glad my friends and I all had headphones before departing on our trip — it really made our cross-country journey far more enjoyable!


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