Intel Unveils New Server Chips Aimed at Keeping Its Lead

Intel the largest Manufacturer of computer processors, announced a new Assortment of server chips aimed at maintaining its dominance over one of the most profitable segments of the semiconductor Business.

The company is introducing 90 distinct variations of the Xeon processor aiming to enlarge the kind of work its most lucrative model can handle. At the top end, the Xeon Platinum 9200 will have 56 processing cores. Intel is hosting an event in San Francisco on Tuesday to show off the new technologies.

The biggest U.S. chipmaker is attempting to reassure customers – particularly large spenders like Amazon, Google and Microsoft – which its products can continue to provide performance gains and therefore are better suited to their evolving needs.

New designs are important at a time when Intel is fighting to improve production, following decades of industry leadership. Rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has fresh chips which are beginning to grab sales, and large data centre owners are experimenting with designing their own chips.

The new Xeon processors have built-in components that assist with artificial intelligence function, Intel said. They’ll also have links to a new type of memory Intel invented, known as Optane. This storage technologies is designed to improve the circulation of data for processors to work on, a crucial element to speeding up computer performance, Intel has stated.

If Intel can sell server chips for new computing tasks, such as networking, that may support expansion. The company has only scratched the surface of these new markets, Navin Shenoy, head of Intel’s server chip division, has said. Revenue from this business jumped more than 20% to $23 billion final year.


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