Make sure to decide if you want to buy individual components and integrate them yourself or you want to buy an integrated system. While an integrated system is easy to install and use, buying individual components gives you more choice. Really it is a matter of personal preference and your specific circumstances because there are pros and cons for both.

Most people would prefer a package deal. The advantages would be that all the components would be compatible with each other, and they system will be easy to install; even the companies may offer you installation free or for minimal charges. Besides as all the components are bought from the same source, and used according to the instructions of the manufacturer/dealer, guarantee will hold and after sales service can be and will be provided easily.
On the other hand buying individual components will give you a chance to “mix and match”, because certain companies make higher quality speakers, while others make better woofers. Also you can choose to buy cheaper components if you are able to find them.
The downside is that some of the components might not be compatible with others and installation may be difficult. Besides if a certain component is used with another component from a different brand then the after sales warranty might not hold. However if you are an electronics buff or know someone who is, then go ahead make your own mix and match.
When you are buying a speaker system or for that matter anything, do not get carried away by the sales pitch of the company. Try to find out whether the features they are advertising are actually going to turn out in the terms of better performance or not. Read the information carefully, ask for a demonstration, ask an expert and try to find out the actual users’ reviews on Internet.
Prices given on internet are usually less than those in an actual store. On the other hand when buying online you do not get a chance to see and test the product. What I would recommend is that you visit a store or more than one, check out the different systems, ask for a demo and make a careful note of brand, prices and the sound quality.
When you have made up your mind on what to buy, or have at least short listed the product, then go to the Internet. You can use comparison shopping websites like or or to check up on prices for the products you have short-listed. If you get a better price on the Internet including the shipping charges than the one offered in a store, go ahead and buy it online, just making sure that you do not miss on any of the benefits, which were offered to you in the store.


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