Google Doodle Showing Up on Search Widget for Some Android Users

Google Doodle, of course, is the tech giant’s Imaginative way of celebrating an important occasion or festival on Its Own homepage.

The Google logo transforms into a more creative, often eclectic, style symbolising the value of that date. Now, the company has discovered a way to expand the range of its innovative Doodles to the Google widget on Android mobiles. Additionally, more people are now viewing the Google Doodle within their Discover Feed as well.

Google is reportedly analyzing the growth of their daily Doodle on to its Google search widget and the Google Discover Feed too. The brand new feature seems to be an evaluation and only few users can view it as of now. It is not displaying in our widget as of yet. But, Android Police obtained received several tips with screenshots, and it demonstrates that the widget includes a spring flower — Wednesday’s doodle in certain regions — which popped up next to the Google logo momentarily, before evaporating. There is no clarity on if Google intends to refresh this Doodle daily. This may well simply be a one-off thing, or a characteristic that only shows on very special events.

For those who don’t want to see this tiny cartoon can turn it off by tapping and holding onto the widget go to overflow > Preferences > Turn off Searchbox effects toggle.

As previously mentioned, doodles are also showing up on the Google Discover Feed to get a lot more people. The Google Doodle is displayed right on top of the page, until you scroll down to the remainder of the content. The characteristic was reportedly introduced a while ago, but is currently rolling out to more users and devices.


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