One of the most crucial tips in public speaking is to relate to the audience. As the assigned speaker you have to do your part in researching and knowing who your audience is. Follow the demographics wherein you categorize every individual who is going to be listening to you. Get to know their gender, age, interest and their level of intelligence. To help you go through this process, try to ask the organizer or whoever the person invited you to speak. This will help you prepare yourself for the event.

Although, you have done such speaking engagement for so many times, do not assume that you will have the same audience every time you speak. Maybe there are some who have been there again but most of them are definitely first timers.
It would be too boring or ridiculous if you are asked to speak in a commencement exercises of college students and your speech is all about the evolution of technology. Or if you are going to be the speaker of single parents and you talk about money matters. That is so absurd, right, Your audience will either laugh or walk out of the room. Maybe even worse than just talking to their seatmates and not listen to you at all. You do not want this to happen to you, isn’t it,
Well, in some cases this can happen to other speakers. But good speakers know how to easily get away with this type of incident. Since they have been experts in facing large crowd, they know how divert their not-so-appropriate subject matter to a more exciting and informative talk. Especially if these persons are famous, the audience will focus on his popularity and not on his talk.
However, if you have been a novice in speaking engagement and you still have your fear of speaking in public, then this must be the worst thing that happened in your life. Being a rookie in this type of activity, you would have to be prepared as ever. Never let your fear eat you since this will only make you become a worse speaker. If you do not have enough self confidence, then you can no convey the message that you wish to tell your audience.
Do not assume that you already know your listeners. Make sure you have done your part in researching about the people who will be present in such event. As much as possible try to dig deeper in your study by getting their interests, their expectations, beliefs and other related aspects that will help you in choosing the right topic for them.
As soon as you have gotten all the details about your audience, you can easily come up with the appropriate topic for them. It will all depend on your on how to make sure that you do not offend nor discriminate your listeners. As much as possible be neutral with your chosen topic. But if the situation requires you to be on one side, do not be too biased about your opinion. Always give room for those who have different ideas.
Always keep these suggestions in mind so you will not have any fear of speaking in public on your next speaking engagement.


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