The minute I hear someone say, he or she is a born speaker, I cringe. Why,
There is no such thing as a born speaker, no more than there is a thing such as a born leader. The only way one can become effective at public speaking is to throw their whole self into it.
What do I mean by the last statement, Glad you asked and I will explain it.

Few if any are born to do anything. Over the course of our lives we become curious which leads to the desire to learn more and or experience more about a specific career calling.
If someone had told me one day I would grow up to become a military leader, I would not have believed them. The fact of the matter is, I became a military leader having served 20 years as a military officer, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel.
Its only through curiosity, study by enrolling in the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program and attending basic training, did I realize my full potential as a military leader. My ability to lead people and manage programs was a direct result of me having an acquired desire to learn about and experience leadership.
When it comes to speaking you must and I repeat, you must learn everything about the speaking industry you can possibly learn. It is a business, not a hobby and once you learn and master the intricacies of speaking you will become the best speaker you can be.
One of the major benefits of lifelong learner when it comes to speaking is that you will gain an incredible amount of confidence. The kind of confidence of which cannot be measured on a scale.
You will have the innate ability to resonate with your audience because of your acquired confidence. You will be in high demand and command high fees as a result of your ability to not only inspire, but motivate people to achieve their greatest potential in their personal and professional life.
So where does force multiplier come in, Glad you asked, the better speaker you become, the more in demand you will be and the larger audiences will be your platform.
I encourage you to research the speaking area in your specific and unique topic area, practice, practice, practice your speeches and deliver the best speech you can possible deliver. Confidence is like air, you have to have it and share it with others through your high impact speeches and programs.


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