Indeed, computers have built-in speakers. Nevertheless, external speakers will surely make a lot of difference when you are playing games or even listening to music and watching a video.

In choosing the best speaker for your computer, you need to:
A� If you are looking for the basic speakers for speech and computer sounds, purchase the not so expensive magnetically protected, powered speakers.
A� If you want to have a lot of bang when playing games, get a 3-piece system that features a ported sub-woofer.
A� If you will be using your CD drive as the boom box, a 2-way, 2-piece, powered speaker system without a port and in sealed enclosures will work for you.
A� To establish which size of speakers to by, analyze where you want the speakers to be, most especially a sub-woofer
A� Choose the external controls that you need like he volume, tone, mute, balance and of course, the on/off switch.
A� To check the quality of the speakers sound, bring your favorite CD to listen to. The CD must include a vast variety of sounds to better test the speaker sound quality.
Here are some cautions which you should be aware of when choosing the best speaker for your computer.
– Speakers which cost between $20 and $70 normally have the same quality as that of the generic ones which come with the computer package.
– If you want to upgrade from stock speakers, you should be willing to spend at least $100.
– As much as possible, do not buy battery-powered speakers.
– Remember that the old model of speakers which are to be connected to a USB port is substandard.
– Verify your sound card or your computer’s limitations. The sound card will be a limiting factor in buying any speakers.
– Unshielded speakers cause disturbances on your monitor.
With the above tips and warnings, you will find that looking for the best speakers for a computer is not that difficult.


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