When you feel easily tired, sleepy, weak and fretful, you realize it is summer already. You may plan to have a rest, and go for a trip to refresh yourself. Meanwhile, manufacturers take this time to plan and conduct a great promotion for their products, which makes this summer hotter.

I recently got plenty of e-mails of digital camera sales, as I plan to purchase one for this summer’s family vacation and registered several online stores of digital cameras. Judging by these mails I received, summer is really a hot season for products sales. Famous brand like Canon, Nikon, and other new brands like are all giving generous offers. Low prices and high performance are always the key points of their promotions. To purchase a digital camera during the promotion is the best ever chance. If you are lucky and sensible enough, it’s likely for you to get a perfect digital camera at a decent price.
However, I have not met the best digital camera yet. None of the recommended cameras seem to satisfy my desire. It seems that camera makers pay too much attention to a couple unnecessary features and more or less megapixel.
In the other day, I happened to find an online shop holding a sales promotion of cost-effective cameras. When taking the T1260 Silver as an example, it features a 12.0MP Charge Couple Device sensor, 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and 3.0 Low-Temperature Poly-Si LCD, but is priced at only $139.99. But it’s still out of my expectation. I think the most important features of cameras are image quality and ease of use. Also, less noise is something manufacturers should find a clue.
It’s natural for manufacturers to develop more sophisticated products with low cost, but they should perhaps pay more attention to customers’ desire instead of producing what they think customers want. I suggest we customers make a list of our desired features of cameras and hope camera makers could care about our true needs.


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