Tablet PC is a composite between PDAs and notebooks. Tablet is the right tool for those who want the mobility of notebooks and PDA technology, and especially for those who can afford it, since Tablet is not cheap stuff. There are two kinds of Tablet PC, Convertible and Slate.

Convertible Tablet PCs is that which looks like a laptop or notebook but can rotate scan or folded. Slate Tablet PCs are the ones who have a keyboard. These two types Tablet uses a special version of Windows XP designed to navigate and use the stylus (as a replacement for a key board). Memory is also something very important for this; large memory capacity allows you store a lot of important things. Just forget about the technical design which allows for easy mobile phone compatibility. And it’s not all; the whole concept of the Tablet is made with style and technology, generation of excited today.
Actually, not just those who are very advanced of techno able to use tablet, tablet PC is very easy to use, does not much different from a laptop, and just little more advanced. The advantages of tablet is that it is portable and allows for easy browsing, that’s what makes it so famous. You can carry it easily, since the design sleek and lightweight and you can set it anywhere. Every child, male or female able to use tablet PC and for those who think that they cannot, the user manual is very simple you will shout by joy to be able to understand what they are talking about.
A Tablet PC is a full PC laptop, plus many more features. Digital pen can be used directly on the screen, with all the functions that can be done by the mouse, such as choosing, dragging and opening the file, or when you would use the keyboard, to communicate and write notes. Several Tablet are not a touch screen; it works just by a special digital pen. Thereby, they only receive information from the tip of the pen and not from your fingertip, which makes it convenient in order to write naturally.
Tablet PC is actually easier and convenient to use because it using a keyboard and mouse as an interaction tool, you can use the pen directly on screen. Not like desktop PC or laptop computer, Tablet PC does not need a flat surface to use your computer, and when you are in the meeting, it does not has vertical screen that can obstruct the view between you and other people. In addition, the Tablet can also be used when on the go or while standing, which makes it perfect for people who are constantly on their feet such as sales managers, nurses, doctors, and so on.


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