I have been a professional fee paid speaker for quite some time now and it amazes me how some speakers try to be like other speakers. It is important for prospective and new speakers to be themselves, in effect this is why organizations hire people to speak.

One must look into their background to outline their unique gifts and talents and package them into stories, speeches and training programs. When I begin my professional speaking career I hired a coach, the late great Dottie Walters.
I hired the best speaking coach for me and she taught me how to tell my story in a way it touched the heart strings of my audience. I took the information Dottie provided me and came up with several high impact speeches that resonated with audiences.
Connections are made with your audiences when you give them part of you, that is why audiences come to listen to you, they want to have an experience with you. Since I started my career I have transitioned to more training, teleseminars and of course writing books.
So how can you become the best speaker you can be. Plain and simple, be yourself, write down who you are, craft your speeches to your unique experiences and practice your material. You will soon discover there are golden nuggets all around you.
For example, I grew in poverty and even though both of my parents worked they did not have a lot of money because they had nine children. I was the first child in the family to earn a high school diploma and attend college.
Between my sophomore and junior year of college I had never flown on a plane before. I made the decision to attend a six week basic training program sponsored by the Air Force Reserve Officer Corps (AFROTC), lo and behold during the third week of basic training, I flew on the largest airplane in the world, the C-5 Galaxy.
Two weeks later our entire detachment training camp was flown to Columbus, Mississippi to experience flight orientation, in other words we would be allowed to fly a plane with an instructor pilot. The moral of this story is that a poor child who grew up in poverty can dream bog and realize his dreams despite the odds against him.
I know you have a lot of tremendous stories to tell, write them down and share them with audiences all over the world. You can become the best speaker you can be when you reveal the most difficult periods in your unique life. Here is to your success.


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