So who is afraid of the big bad wolf, The big bad wolf is public speaking and you will either succeed as a public speaker or flourish which is your rightful place.

My suggestion to you is to make up your mind to become the best public speaker you can be, because you owe it to yourself. Public speaking is not difficult and in many ways, it is simply a matter of having a made up mind.
Consider the reality, a very large number of people fear public speaking and yet if they really took a look at why, they really would not have a legitimate reason for being fearful. The opposite of fear is faith and from my perspective I know a lot of people who say they have faith are not faithful people.
When one applies the awesome power of faith to public speaking, it is a whole new game. So how does one become the best speaker that can be, Great question to say the least and the seven following things will assist you in the process:
1. Make up your mind that you want to become the best speaker you can be.
2. Commit to the process of being a good speaker by acknowledging it will take a lot of work.
3. Lead with faith and kick fear to the curve when it comes to public speaking.
5. Approach public speaking from a position of clarity, in other words be clear about what you are going to speak about and process accordingly.
6. Understand that to master anything, one must practice their craft and public speaking demands practice, even for the top speakers.
7. Deliver your speech with ease because you have dedicated yourself to become the best speaker you can be, strive in the process.
To assist you in understanding how to become the best speaker you can, one must have a made up mind, one in which you have no doubts about what it is you seek to accomplish as the best public speaker you can be. One must commit to the process when it comes to being a public speaker, in other words if you know from the start a lot of hard work is involved in becoming a good public speaker then you are ahead of the curve.
There is a lot to consider when it comes to having faith in your abilities as a public speaker. In my estimation, fear is a trap that is easy to fall into, faith on the other requires work and it is the work that molds, develops and creates a masterpiece we call, the best public speaker we can be. If you are to become a good public speaker, you must be clear about what you want to achieve, perhaps it is to have the ability to stand in front of an audience and deliver a good speech, or to simply gain confidence.
I once coached a young man who wanted to become a public speaker and I told him practice is essential to master speaking and he told me, he did not have to practice and that he had God-given talent. At this point I told him I could no longer coach him because he was not committed to the process and would fall flat on his face if he stood before thousands of people and forgot what he was going to talk about. Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes for a perfect speech, include this one in your arsenal. Lastly, you will be able to become the best speaker you can be as long as you dedicate yourself to the process, it is possible as long as you go all in with the process.
The next time the big bad wolf comes knocking on your door, relax, get a good nights rest and go to your next meeting and or conference and deliver like the champion you are. You can become the best public speaker you can be as long as you start the process, get into motion today.


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