Choosing a motivational speaker for an important event takes more than just picking a name out of a phone book. To get the best speaker for your event, you need to take the time to determine what needs to be accomplished and the overall message you want to convey to the audience. Of course there are other considerations that must be taken into account other than just the purpose of the speech. Cost, availability, and reputation will also be determining factors on your final decision. Use the requirements you have laid out to compile a list of motivational speakers.

You can find keynote speakers for every topic. Some will be more knowledgeable than others. First consider the type of speaker you need. Many events do best with a motivational speaker because they draw the audience in. They make them want to learn more and get involved with the use of their own personal people skills and other motivational techniques. When making a list of motivational speakers, only add speakers that match the type of speaker you are looking for.
What kind of tone do you want them to set, Should it be humorous, educational, serious, or have a little bit of everything, These decisions are best decided based on the audience demographics. Another big consideration is how knowledgeable they need to be on the topic. If they are educating about a new product, idea, procedure, or something else that requires working knowledge of your particular type of business, then they need to be an expert and known for their related experience. Otherwise, if the purpose is to simply motivate the audience then knowledge of a specific topic does not apply and humor is almost always the best choice.
Budget should also be a consideration. Every event has a specific budget amount for keynote speakers. The more popular and knowledgeable a speaker is, the higher the speaking fee will be. If your event doesn’t need a well known speaker, you might consider less known ones to stay within your budget. Any time a speaker has to travel very far for a speech, it also increases the speaking fee. You will also have to pay their travel expenses and hotel stay. When you can find a suitable speaker that is local, it can save a lot of money and make staying within your budget much easier.
Your company may have other criteria when creating a list of motivational speakers. The above are the common items every company should consider when going through this process. Once the list is complete, then it is time to start cutting it down to two or three choices. This can be done based on availability, price, and any other criteria you want to use. Choose common items to compare between the speakers so the choices are well made. When there are only a few left, set up interviews to make a final decision on who will convey your events message the best. After this long process is over, you can set up travel arrangements if necessary and begin focusing on the rest of the planning needed for the event to be successful.


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